Counter Top Scales

Bizerba counter top scales come in many different varieties. The attached image is of the Bizerba basic scale. This can be integrated with a number of different modules and printers.

Counter top scales, which one should I choose?

There are currently 10 different types of counter top scales by Bizerba. Ranging from the basic scale EX II, to the K Klass scale. All of the scales are built to the very highest standard. we will never compromise on quality. Even on the basic range the quality is paramount.

To establish the best option for you. We will need to determine the business needs. From there we can recommend the very best counter top scale for you.

We will help you determine the best position for the scale. The performance required. We will also take into consideration your budget for the unit.

Having established the above. You can do this by calling us for a free site survey. Or you may call the office or email us directly. We will be able to help either way.

We also offer demonstrations at our retail showroom in Milton Keynes. Please feel free to book an appointment to view the products.

Contact Bizerba here. Or you can go directly to the Bizerba main site. All the scales can be integrated with your print system. Bizerba also supplies bespoke printers for all the counter top scales.

To ensure your printer from Bizerba is working to the very best capacity. We recommend you only use a Bizerba label. We have been supplying labels for decades. To ensure you get the best from your machine only use original supplies.

By using Bizerba labels you  ensure that your customers benefit also. They will enjoy your branding on a superior product. A clear winning formula from Bizerba.