The history of the checkweigher can be found on Wikipedia. A fantastic source of information. A machine automatic or manual. Normally part of a production process. Systems check of the weight of packaged and unpackaged goods within a specified weight criteria.

Where would a Checkweigher be sited?

The checkweigher is normally part of the production line and will incorporate conveyor belts. Vision and packaging inspection systems to ensure the quality of the products beings checked. These conveyor belts can also be known as in-line or in-motion scales. Alternative names for a check weigher can also be categorised as conveyor scales or dynamic scales.

All Bizerba dynamic checkweighers can be easily installed. Can also incorporate vision inspection systems or x-ray systems. They will also link to the system by the unique Brain software. Using a Bizerba checkweighing system with the software. It will ensure that any over or under products are rejected by the pushers automatically. When calibrated the system can also automatically shut down. Stopping the production process if there are too many rejections.

Checkweigher Software.

The Brain software will manage the production process for you. It will also record in real time the entire production process. The software can be accessed remotely and reporting and archiving. It can be set up and this can also be automated by this unique software from Bizerba.

The checkweigher system is designed to monitor thousands of products an hour. Managing the production process and ensuring that all the products that pass through the system are compliant. The finished product will be at the target weight.

Checkweighers can also be used to count the packages that go through the production line. They will report on the total weight, total packages and can also read the labels with the vision inspection systems. They will reject all non-compliant packages. Also redirect the packages according to the labelling on the packages.

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