Quality Checkweigher

The Bizerba checkweigher CWF maxx, a Quality Checkweigher from Bizerba, be assured that your packaged goods are inspected and checked to the very highest standard. There are many checkweigh systems on the market today but none can out perform the CWF Maxx for performance and reliability.

Quality Checkweigher, Why Bizerba is the Best!

Bizerba an established business servicing the food production and retail industry for over 150 years, 100% family owned business. With the expertise and background to ensure all the products are of the very highest standard.

Comparing a quality checkweigher can be a challenge for industry food production business’s. Flooded with cheap imports and inferior components can leave you with a machine that will not only create long term costs due to breakdowns and production downtime. Create an unnecessary headache for you trying to fulfil your customers orders.

Quality Checkweigher – Design

The design and manufacture of a quality checkweigher from Bizerba has had 1000’s of man hours in the entire process, one of the key features of the system from Bizerba is the hygienic checkweigher design.

The units come with stainless steel housing and all the components are easily cleaned to ensure that hygiene is of the very highest standard. Everything on the system can be easily accessed and thoroughly cleaned.

Quality Checkweigher – What does it check

The CWF Maxx checkweighers control the entire package flow and will sort and categorise the packages by definable or legally stipulated weight classes. Over weight and under weight packages are rejected by the system with pushers. The entire production process is recorded and the data can be viewed in real time or historical data can be accessed easily through the software in the system.

Bizerba have developed unique reporting software that is extremely easy to use, Statistics Brain software that works in-line with the system, don’t worry if you have your own software this quality checkweigh system can also accommodate that, no need for costly software adaptations and variants.

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CWF Maxx Bizerba Checkweigher Technical Sheet.