Universal Bread Slicer

Bizerba universal bread slicer, Agiloline B100, is extremely versatile, it can half, quarter and cut individual slices with variable slices to required thickness.

Universal Bread Slicer The Agiloline B100.

Round and long loaves can be cut exactly perfectly and very hygienically since operation is completely oil-free. The unit can also apply flexible slice thickness as preferred by the customer.

First of all the plug and play install means that there will be no store disruption and can be fitted in a very short time. Can be used by trained and also untrained staff easily due to the built in safety features.

The Agiloline B100 can also be used as a self service unit due to the  sophisticated safety technology built in.

This is truly a Universal bread slicer that can adapt to the business needs, whether it be used by staff trained or untrained or by the customer. A versatile product to enhance your offering to the customer including a much wider choice.

Constructed to the very highest standard by Bizerba. Each element has been refined and tested to ensure the performance exceeds your expectations. A completely hygienic and easy to use machine.

Have you seen a universal bread slicer in a store near you? would you like to see one up close and in action? These units have been installed all across the country. There is bound to be a major retailer near you that has this unit.

Also if you arrange a viewing at the premises near you. Furthermore if you prefer you may book an appointment to see the system in action at our main office in the United Kingdom, Milton Keynes.

Finally no matter what your requirements are for a universal bread slicer, this machine will cut through any loaf at any thickness required, no job too small or too large.

Buy the Best, Buy Bizerba Engineered Products. Established for over 150 years, serving the food retail industry.

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