Pallet Truck With Scales

A Pallet Truck with Scales or Mobile load receptor from Bizerba. These can also be known as scale pump trucks in the UK. Model number Bizerba iL Special 3000 BPW/MP. A forklift type scale. To be used manually as a pallet truck can efficiently manage your loaded weights per pallet. A fully hydraulic pallet truck with scales can easily manage your weighted loads. Measure the weights and record them for you.

Do I need a mobile pallet truck with scales.

A fully mobile pallet truck with scales. A mobile load receptor will allow you to not only move the goods easily but allow you to weigh all the products on the load without having to remove any items. Ideal for pre wrapped goods and different sized objects.

The system which is basically a pallet truck with scales. Also known as a Mobile Load Receptor. Negates the need for a stationary load receptor or scales. The unit is metro-logical tuned and endorsed so that it can be used in the trade. It meets all the current trade requirements for this type of measurement.

The system can be used in any environment. As oppose to standalone checkweighers. or to be used through the warehouse or storage facility where weighing is required to adhere to specific vehicle load restrictions.

Pallet truck with scales Area’s of Use.

• Multi point load receptor as manual forklift scale for goods receiving, warehousing, production and shipping; depending on the version suitable for load capacities of up to 2000 kg
• Fitted with a Bizerba weighing terminal suitable for mobile weighing of different goods
• For hazardous areas classified as zones 1/21 and 2/22

Pallet truck with scales Highlights.

Terminal can be rotated by 360°.
S/S version for lasting value.
Soft, smooth lowering of forks.
Waterproof load rollers.
Battery operation.

Pallet truck with scales Options.

Terminal can be rotated for lacquered version (standard for s/s version).
Waterproof wheel bearing (standard for s/s version).
Collision protection on fork ends.
Steering and load wheels made of vulkollan material.
Exchange battery.
Fork expansion to 680 mm.
Scanner with mount.

Visit the Industrial Scales section of the Bizerba site for more information on this type of product.

This item is no longer available. However we have alternative products that may fulfil this role.