Bizerba Checkweighers, Inspection Systems

Checkweighers, what are they exactly,? Why should I consider using one, where would they fit into my business and why?

Or you could ask, what is a dynamic checkweigher?

A Checkweigher  is a system or machine that weighs and checks items as they pass through a production line. This can range from all types of products to include food and non food items, Bizerba Checkweigher systems are renowned globally for being of the finest build quality and reliable for any commercial industry weighing needs.

To compliment checkweighers you may also want to include inspection systems, commercial slicers or intelligent reporting and software to ensure that the operation of your production line runs as smoothly as possible.

An in line checkweigher coupled with an inspection system such as the Thermo Secure L or “Luceo” as it is known will ensure that not only all your weighing is consistent, It will reassure you that visually the package is going to be as aesthetically pleasing when it reaches the shelf in the shop as it did when it leaves the production line.

What are checkweighers used for

In line with your checkweighers you could also have a commercial slicer such as the scaleroline A650 industrial slicer. This will slice 100’s of products per minute and can be fed along to the checkweigher to be examined for any anomalies with the weight, size and type of product. A little further down the line can be checked by multiple inspection systems depending on your business needs.

Incorporating such a system may look rather involved or costly. This cost and investment fades into insignificance. If you were to have to implement a recall whether it be for a defective part or contaminated food.

Checkweighers for food and non food production

Consider a system that can manage the entire process for you, food or non food. The software systems Bizerba has developed, aptly known as Brain Software can manage the entire operation from one terminal. It can even manage the business remotely where necessary.

Finally Bizerba software solutions tailored to your individual operation, incorporated to manage any other 3rd party software solutions you may have and also manage any other equipment you may have installed. It doesn’t have to be a Bizerba product for our smart software solutions to work for you.

Why not give us a call today for either a personal visit to discuss your current or future needs. Or book an appointment to visit us in out bespoke showroom and offices in Milton Keynes. Here we have a dynamic checkweigher and retail scales Bizerba for you to view.