Bizerba Slicer

Today we will discuss a Bizerba Slicer and Technology like the Bizerba VS12D slicer to improve your business:

Whitehouse Brothers own 3 large butchers stores, first established in 1983, supplying beef, lamb, chicken, pork, ready meals, vegetables and deserts from 3 locations in the West Midlands – at Burntwood, Cannock and Hednesford. The firm describe their stores as ‘Butchers Supermarkets’ with several trained butchers at each location and quality fresh meats.

Whitehouse Brothers Bizserba Slicer

Steve Whitehouse is a partner in the business and purchased a VS12D slicer from Bizerba in 2012. He is really happy with the machine and says that he hasn’t looked back since:

“Without the VS12D semi automatic Bizerba Slicer we would not have been able to ramp up our slicing business and produce the volumes we needed with a manual vertical slicer”.

Whitehouse Brothers currently spend up to four days per week slicing for 4-5 hours a day. That’s around three quarters of a ton of meat per week – worth at least £5,000!

Bizerba Slicer VS12D

They slice a wide range of cooked meats, including corned beef, ham, turkey and roast beef alongside more traditional meats such as bacon. The machine is easy to clean between different products and Simon makes sure that the blades are regularly sharpened: “If you look after your machinery it will look after you!”

Since Whitehouse Brothers purchased their first VS12D machine they found that they needed to slice even more and purchased a second machine to cover the workload:

“The stacking feature of the VS12D is ideal to present product for packing into trays. With this volume of slicing the return on our investment was very quick against the initial cost. The slicers have worked perfectly for the time they have been in use.”

Bizerba UK are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial slicing machines. Please contact us for more information. If you want to find out how a Bizerba slicer can help you streamline your business.

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